Update Ukrainian Nationals - Austria

Update Ukrainian Nationals - Austria

Today, we share some significant updates regarding the current situation for Ukrainian citizens living in Austria.

So far, the temporary residency permits for Ukrainian nationals who were forced to leave their homeland are set to remain valid until March 2024. At an European level, the temporary protection status will be extended until March 4, 2025. These permits have offered a lifeline to many individuals and families, providing stability and opportunities for a new start.

What's particularly noteworthy is that these permits are not just extended but automatically renewed, a testament to the Austrian government's commitment to supporting displaced individuals during these challenging times. The renewal process is designed to be hassle-free, with the permits automatically dispatched to the registered Austrian residential address of each recipient.

In addition to the extension of the temporary protection status, there have been ongoing discussions within the Austrian government about the possibility of integrating Ukrainian nationals into the Austrian residence system ahead of schedule. This would involve exploring options such as the Red-White-Red Card, which would provide even more comprehensive opportunities and a more sustainable solution for those seeking to make Austria their home and working place.

It's essential to emphasize that, as of now, no final decisions have been made regarding this matter. The Austrian government is carefully evaluating the potential benefits and implications of such a step, considering the impact on the displaced Ukrainian community and the broader Austrian society.

We encourage you to stay tuned for further updates as discussions progress. Let's continue to strive for a brighter future and a more inclusive society, where every individual, regardless of their origin, can find a new home and opportunities to thrive. 

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